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New Products Release -Handheld Laser Welding Unit
Source: | Author:DKD No.1 Writer | Publish time: 2020-04-30 | 14 Views | Share:
Along with development of laser welding technology, Dao-laser released the HAND-HELD WELDING CELL for applications of thin metal sheet product of kitchenware, elevator panel /sheet, advertising letters/panel, storage rack, control cabinet, furniture frames, door /window frame etc. The handheld welder is good at irregular shape welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, titanium, and other metal material, and in particular environment, it replaces traditional arc welding completely.

Handheld laser welding bears a compact size, simplified operation and flexible welding trajectory;
Equipped with wire-feeder, the application was greatly enlarged to bigger welding seam with tolerance of welding parts;
It carries the typical merits of laser welding-no consumables, high welding speed, less/no subsequent polishing/handling of finshed workpiece, no color change (with auxiliary gas N2 or Ar).

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